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Salah Software is an award-winning Digital Agency based in Sylhet, Bangladesh. We are in service for more than 15+ years, and successfully worked with clients projects from 33+ countries worldwide! Our journey began by keeping a strong focus on service expansion within the globe, and since then, we have been continuously walking through that.

We started very small where only our founder, Mr. Raahsalah, was taking projects from local and international clients and delivering them on-time. The number of projects began coming was increasing day by day, so he started providing training to a few potential individuals so they can start contributing to the client’s projects. That worked so well, and within a couple of months, he formed a team of ten where the team was capable of skillset such as Python, PHP, Ruby, ASP.net etc. First few years, the team was working remotely, but then due to tremendous amounts of work pressure, the company settle down a physical office where the virtual office expansion still ongoing!

The process worked, and now the company has both an onsite and virtual team of fifty-plus professionals! We hire employees for a full-time, part-time also project basis. At present, team members are working from Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, and India.

The company has Smart, Dynamic, and Dedicated Teams for Web, Mobile & eCommerce application design and development, also Digital Marketing. The teams have been successfully delivering world-class professional products and services. We have a couple of online and offline startups running where our focuses mainly in E-Commerce, Mobile Apps, Digital Assets, Digital Marketing, Training, and other consulting related services.

About our activities and achievements, in the year 2015, we have been awarded the “BASIS Outsourcing Award 2015” from Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services (BASIS) for showing outstanding performance in IT-based services delivering to foreign clients. Also, in the year 2017, we won another award from the ICT Division, Govt. of Bangladesh, for providing the best freelancing services to international clients.

We practice Agile/Scrum a lot and confirm shipping the products on time! Also, here we are very much sincere about the client’s project security and confidentiality, our task, project deadline, and Good Programming Practice(GPP). Our goal is to give the clients the best service with maximum satisfaction, and that helped us to come to this stage today!

We look forward to working with you and make you happy by providing the best in best services, which would boost your business to the ultimate level! 

Thank you!

Only Clients Satisfaction is Real

With more than 15+ years of experience in online-based client’s project work, we can feel the needs of a client, the expenditure, deadline, and other unique demands, and we care and offer the best values to them! Furthermore, we always deliver end-user focused, innovative solutions for clients which increase the ROI and brings endless happiness of a client. Our purpose is to achieve success by acquiring our client’s triumph.




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We are one of the renowned specialists among IT companies of Web & Mobile Application, E-Commerce, Project Management, Digital Marketing, and technical support in Bangladesh. If you want to establish your online business, then we have the skills and experience to ensure a successful journey.

On-Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

We guarantee a precise, responsive communication practice for keeping up the project work progress and on-time delivery. As we follow the Agile/Scrum-based project work approach so maintaining the pace and speed up to the delivery works excellent!

Affordable Project Cost

Affordable Project Cost

Our one of the best offers is doing projects within an affordable budget for small to large contracts! We are trusting in building long-term work relationships and accepts clients through referrals. Our quality work inspires us to move ahead and attract all kinds of clients.

Choosing Right Skills

Choosing Right Skills

We follow standard practices before kicking-off any projects! As we have tremendous experience in project work and delivery so, we feel quite comfortable to discuss choosing correct tools and team members skillset for client projects.

Business Expansion Consulting

Business Expansion Consulting

For the client's needs, they can get a consulting service from our company CEO! Salah Software founder and CEO have been providing consultation for boosting client's digital business since the start of the company, and it enormously helped lots of extra-ordinary clients.

Activities & Achievements

We have gained a lot of success also a couple of awards for our high dedication and achievements on offshore back-office services such as application design, development, management, and digital marketing! Our agency has also earned a high reputation for running online-based startups, including digital products, training, and SaaS products.